• Specially mixed selenium lead alloy usedfor plate grid casting in presuure die casting.
  • Time tested and Visual inspected Hard Rubber containers.
  • Envelope seperator(PE)
  • Micropourous vent plugs, Acid level indicators.
  • Less than 5% antimoney alloy
  • Nomial Voltage :2V


  • suitable for frequent deep discharges on load
  • Low maintaince batteries .
  • Excellent high discharge performance for NDP/HDP.
  • Long and reliable service life
Recommended Floating Recharge
Temperature Float Voltage
<5 °C 2.20+0.02 VPC
5 °C-35 °C 2.18+0.02 VPC
36 °C-45 °C 2.15+0.02 VPC